Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sneak Peek: WHAT I AM UP TO?

Oh well... I need to do this blog to promote my onlineshop in facebook and I want to make it bigger until I get my own shop or boutique in the city. Let's see how will this promotion goes.

As of now, I got 50 Followers on Facebook a 100+ Likes on MEGS ONLINESHOP Fan page and 1,600+ friends on MEGS CLOSET Facebook Account. Not bad to start huh?

I'll just post my Batch #1, #2 and #3 Collections here and will be updating this blog too. And will also be posting my upcoming collections. I hope I can get more followers, likes and friends then! *fingers crossed*

My Batch #1 Collection Teaser... SOLD OUT!!!! But there were few left just visit my account if you want to have a sneak peek on the items I sell. These are Class A Ukay-ukay, flawless and the price? Php180 each. If you want discount, I can also give you =)... 

I also have a SALE depending on my mood. And sometimes I repriced items that would fit my buyers pockets ^__^.

This is my Batch #2 Collection Teaser. All the items in the photo is already SOLD OUT! Php180 each except for the Jumpsuit because I sold it for Php200 from the original price of Php250 (Not bad Haggling!). There were also items left, you might like them too just visit my facebook accont and check in to Batch #2 Collection Album.

My Last Batch as of now, Batch #3 Collection. Funny! The second picture right next to the polkadot jumpsuit was already SOLD TO ME!!!! haha I can't resist, it fits me well so I wore it hehe. Only 4 items left on that almbum.

So, those were just a 'sneak peek on what I sell on my online store ^_^ Soon I'll be uploading my Batch #4 Collection. So see you there and HAPPY SHOPPING MEGS!